Home Inspections

Pre-purchase property inspections are typically initiated by the buyer working with a realtor. Usually, the inspection is sought after an offer has been accepted. In this case the inspection is called a contingency inspection and findings from the inspection can be used to either adjust the offer price or seek other concessions from the seller.

Don’t Waive the Inspection – Waive the Contingency! Recently, many inspections are being conducted for “information only.” In these cases, the report will still contain a full list of observations, but will highlight any safety or undisclosed major defects, so that the buyer and their agent have recourse.
Deutsch Home Inspection builds a comprehensive inspection report tailored to the property and the client. We use advanced software to ensure we document all relevant findings.

We offer radon testing, sewer scopes and WDO inspections.
Our equipment includes thermal imaging, moisture detection and electrical testing equipment. While we will make every reasonable attempt to put our eyes and hands on every surface of the home, we follow strict safety guidelines and we practice a non-invasive “leave no trace” approach to reduce the risk of property damage.

Move-In Certified

Also called pre-listing inspections, these are conducted on behalf of the seller, usually also working with their listing agent. (Real Estate Agents – read more here!) A lot of people think that these are only for expensive homes, but that is a falsehood. Having a pre-inspected listing shows you to be a prepared, honest and low-pressure seller, which opens up your market to a much wider group of home buyers who will respond positively to having this information in-hand before they make an offer.


New construction inspections can happen during any stage of home construction, but typically just before drywall is best. At this point, I can usually assess the framing, HVAC, rough plumbing, electrical and wiring and more, most of which is usually hidden during a post-construction inspection. To be clear, this is not a code inspection – a code inspector is looking purely for violations, whereas I will be focused on areas of workmanship and building practice that may not be technical code problems but would be areas of concern for the homeowner.

Other Services

There are many times when an inspection is called for, not just when you’re selling a house! Deutsch Home Inspection LLC can provide building plan consultations, project and contractor oversight, footer and foundation inspections, final walk-through inspections, one-year builder warranty inspections, annual maintenance inspections for home and rental property owners, investor consulting, energy audits, foreclosure inspections, insurance inspections and more. Contacting us early in the process can save headaches, money and improve your results.